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Bonnie's Future Sisters

comedy · petrone productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · United States

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June 11, 2014 certified reviewer
tagged as: fun · amazing · energetic · Engaging · hilarious

My overall impression

Walking into the theatre and hearing Beyonce belt what-her-mama-gave-her through the house speakers, I knew I was in for a GREAT time. Bonnie’s Future Sisters is a wonderful theatrical experience full of hilarity, heart, and an energy so engaging, I often found myself getting lost in the story, forgetting there were actually actors on stage. Meghan Gambling’s new breath-of-fresh-air play is masterfully written and directed, including a choreographed sequence that titillated this theatre-goer. The four actors (Sascha Alexander, Kristen Rozanski, Emily Jordan, Sarah Greyson) lend themselves to their well-developed roles, giving performances that individualize each characters needs and desires with artful subtlety. If you are looking for a theatre experience that will leave you with the notion that “THIS IS WHAT THEATRE SHOULD BE”, then go see BONNIE AND HER SISTERS!

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