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Shame Based Fun

comedy · independent · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

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KATE POISSON certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Contemporary and not forced, through a clever and fun set up. I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend. The actress exudes confidence and appeals to her audience on many levels--whether they are millennials or anyone who has ever had sex at any age... or just thought about it! I related, pondered my own past and future and laughed a lot! Recommend it! :)... full review
BEN MOROSKI certified reviewer June 24, 2014
tagged as: hilarious · messy · Wonderful · Brave · a blast
Sasha is a joy to watch on stage. She's a live wire. This is a hilarious, messy, wonderful piece that makes you think about things that should be thought about -- and talked about! -- but are all too often deemed...ahem...too shameful to address. Kudos to Sasha. This shit is brave. Keep going there! I had a blast!... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 13, 2014
Sasha Fisher has a problem. She wants to be a good humanist, an empowered feminist, a warrior for equality. She also enjoys being sexually degraded. She’s not quite sure what to do with these seemingly conflicting desires except to make a show about them and perform it at Fringe. Welcome to Shame Based Fun: a provocative two-person, one-woman show playing at Theatre Asylum... Please read the rest of the review at <a href="">Cinesnatch</a>... full review
tagged as: feminism · london · solo · theatre
Written By Monica Kinnaird for Life In LA An independent, semi-one woman show hits center stage at the Elephant Studio, 1078 North Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038. The world premiere comedy of Shame Based Fun, written and performed by Sasha Fisher, opened the Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 6. This is a 60 minute play, and performances are June 6-27. For anyone seeking a story about feminism told in an unconventional way, then this play will hit the mark. The Lillian theatre is a well air conditioned black box studio with a seating capacity of 24 people. Tickets are $3. And be prepared to come early, there is no designated parking availab... full review
ASHLEY CAMPBELL certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Loved it!! ... full review
SEAN DAVID certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Funnier and more thought provoking than it has any right to be. Sasha and Mischa are a winning, talented duet. Sasha is a powerhouse who owns every second she is onstage, while Mischa is her at turns exasperated and conspiratorial partner in crime - a one man Greek Chorus yanked into his sister's world of deviance and roundabout empowerment. Go see this show if its the last thing you do before heading over to your grandmother's funeral. Hell, go see it even if your grandmother is still alive. ... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER June 23, 2014
tagged as: funny · Different · Playful · unique · strong · perverse · GO!
i loved this show. i wasn't sure what to expect, but i dragged two friends to it, and honestly, we all had a blast. sasha and misha were so funny and playful and smart... and different. quite frankly, it's a show i've been thinking about all day long (and I saw the show over 24 hours ago). I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older (which I am) but seeing the younger generation tackle issues and express themselves (sasha with the help of foil, co-conspirator, and brother, misha) is fascinating, inspiring... and I just can't stop talking about this show. There's one more left for this fringe. I think you ought to see it. But beware. It will open your mind, and if you're like me, you might leave craving a little cum on your face. ... full review

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