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dance & physical theatre · the half-shadow players · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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What is Star-Cross’d?

To some, Romeo and Juliet is a story of two teenagers blinded by lust, driven to do unspeakable things in order to be together. And we all know how that ends. But to us, Romeo and Juliet is a love story that transcends age and time. It begs the question: Have you ever, could you ever, or WILL you ever love someone that much?

Star-Cross’d is a 50 minute, movement-oriented retelling of Shakespeare’s most tragic love story: Romeo and Juliet. It marries the haunting music of Florence + the Machine with the Bard’s immortal text for a raw, visually stunning spin on the classic tale.

We’re taking a story dominated by text and placing it into the bodies of our players to paint an honest picture before the audience. We want to move past the lust and get to the core of the love and the heart of the tragedy.

Who are The Half-Shadow Players?

The Half-Shadow Players is a new theatre production company formed by CSULB Theatre Alumni Lizzy Ferdinandi and Jessie Gaupel. It is our hope to bring diverse, edgy, and authentic new works to the Southern California stage. Debuting with Star-Cross’d, the Half-Shadow Players works primarily in movement and dance to cast new light on classical texts.

The Impact

This project is important to us because not only is it a labor of love, but it is a story that deals with so many important themes that are relevant to our present society. We really want to focus on the theme of Love versus Hate and how the consequences of both affect our society, especially when it comes to Hate. Hate is a constant force working on us and with our immediate access culture full of smartphones and social media websites, Hate can envelop us within seconds. That being said, so can Love.

So please, we invite you to join our labor of love as we take the next step in our artistic journey.

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production team

jessie gaupel *
mieko sudduth *
lighting designer
jamiel abdelrazzaq *
ebony randall *
lady capulet/ensemble
federico s. cruz *
ralphie bracamontes *
friar lawrence/paris/ensemble
taylor casas *
lady montague/ensemble
chelsea anne *
costume designer
matt maccready *
props designer
sierra baggins *
stage manager
izzy powe *
michelle roshanzamir *
production manager

* Fringe Veteran