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Love Is.

ensemble theatre · bad back productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United Kingdom

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The International Award.

Most Orgasmic Perfomance. Lee Turnbull.

The Encore Producers Award.

The Golden Performer Award. Lee Turnbull.

The Golden Director Award. Lee Turnbull.

Best First Play.

The Unleashed Award.

Lee and Emily have been together for eight years and happily married for four. It has been their dream to grow old together and build a loving, happy family. They almost have it all… but what if they can’t have the one thing they are missing? Is almost ever enough?
‘Love is’ is a story about how love can both make us the happiest – or the saddest – we could possibly be.
Based on true events, ‘Love Is’ examines a six-week period in the life of one girl, her perception of love and her decision to gamble everything she has on the one thing she hasn’t.
A tough, raw and emotional piece that conveys the hardest parts of love and relationships and the agonising choices we have to make between following our heads and our hearts.

production team

rachel lien *
assistant director

* Fringe Veteran