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ensemble theatre · a moving arts co-production · Ages 14+ · United States

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CAROL NACE June 07, 2014
This was a fantastic Fringe Festival production. This script by Wendy MacLeod was performed in 2003 at the prestigious Steppenwolf Theater and was extended twice. It was a really great and very funny show. Very well done for a Fringe show including set changes. The second act was even better than the first. All of the show was great but the actor playing Jack was exceptional. I would recommend this show to all adults. Note: profanity used.... full review
JULIA SANFORD certified reviewer June 23, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed "Things Being What They Are." It was both funny and deeply moving. I laughed a lot and cried at moments too. The acting was exceptional. I loved watching both of these actors interact with each other as they revealed more and more about themselves to each other. It was a truly enjoyable theatre experience!... full review
INGRID WILMOT certified reviewer June 08, 2014
FLASH TO THEATRE FANS: The annual HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL, a wild and crazy collection of the performing arts, is being staged in about thirty venues throughout Hollywood, between Western and Gardner east to west, Franklin and Melrose north to south, from June 12th to the 29th. It’s a community event that’s open and uncensored, diverse and exciting, offering exposure to (mostly) talented performers to strut their stuff. For the complete scoop, schedules and information, log on to or call (323) 455-4585. See you there! THINGS BEING WHAT THEY ARE By Wendy MacCleod * * * The Hollywood Fringe Festival shoots out of the gate with a spectacular start, with this delicious comedy about two neighbors of diametrically opposed perso... full review
Well-done all around. Darin Anthony does a great job directing and his cast is excellent in this very relatable two-hander.... full review
CARRIE CAMPBELL certified reviewer June 25, 2014
tagged as: comedy
What a great show! I'm no professional critic, but it's easy to see that Cameron & Chet played their parts well. The show ranged from comedy to a few very serious moments & I felt the emotions of the characters. I enjoyed the "Waiting for Godot" feel of the show. Go see this play before it's run ends. ... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 10, 2014
In Wendy McCleod’s comedy, two men stand at a crossroads in their respective lives – crossroads they’ve been standing at for quite some time. Each man has all the information he needs to move forward, and yet, neither can. Bill must face the fact that his wife has checked out of their marriage, while Jack hopes he can win back his ex-wife after cheating on her. Chet Grissom and Cameron Jappe deliver solid performances, keeping both characters from feeling like types... Please read the rest of the review at <a href="">Cinesnatch</a>... full review
JENNIE WEBB June 12, 2014
Originally posted on Bitter Lemons "Fringe Femmes" | "Things Being What They Are" by Wendy MacLeod | Okay. So this beer-infused, way-male two-hander is not particularly Fringey nor - except for its female playwright - is it remotely Femme. But in the hands of the guys (yep, I mean XY guys) from Moving Arts, Wendy MacLeod's 2003 comedy is certainly good for some full-length fun and a surprisingly touching look at male friendships. Darin Anthony directs Cameron Jappe and Chet Grissom as a pair of (yep, gotta go there) "odd couple" neighbors who meet and bond, initially over their absent wives. Quiet, buttoned-down Bill (Jappe) has just moved into a high-end condo complex and is anxiously setting the stage for his bohemian actress wi... full review
RYAN V June 12, 2014
I saw a preview of this show and I have to say they did a pretty excellent job. This play is a two-hander about middle-aged-ish men coping with relationships and/or lack thereof. Sounds like a play I've seen a million times, but the playwright is clearly no slouch. She infuses a great deal of heart in this piece. The production itself was perfectly fringe-y and light on its feet with few props and set pieces. Chet Grissom was hilarious and heartbreaking as the divorced neighbor. And Darin Anthony did a great job making it all look easy. Go see this production if you are looking for a solid and strong narrative delivered with aplomb.... full review
JAMI BRANDLI certified reviewer June 13, 2014
Lots of laughs and lots of heart, too. Great direction by Darin Anthony and Chet Grissom is pretty darn amazing. Go see this solid two-hander!... full review
B P certified reviewer June 13, 2014
I really enjoyed this show about an "Odd Couple". Using humor and insight, the play peals back the layers of each character to reveal lonely, despairing men - who have built up all sorts of armor - seeking connection and unsuspectedly finding it in each other. Cameron Jappe is raw and thoughtful as Bill, Chet Grissom is fun and heartbreaking as he portrays Jack's complexities. A solid production that utilizes the space well and draws the audience in with its actors' connection.... full review

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