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REBORNING by Zayd Dohrn

ensemble theatre · curious beast theatre co · Ages 16+ · United States

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CARYN BUTTS June 26, 2014
I've seen this show twice now and loved it both times! The entire cast was excellent. Jamie Boalbey gives a riveting performance, captivating the audience with her vulnerability and authenticity. Sparkland O'Connell is hilarious, and the two of them have amazing chemistry. They pull you in and keep you engaged throughout the entire play. There was never a dull moment. The ending is unexpected and leaves you wanting more. This is a must see! ... full review
Reborning is one of those perfect Fringe shows, funny, dark and then takes a weird turn at the end. The acting is effortless and fearless. The dolls onstage are worth the ticket price alone. The story is one we can all relate too, trying to discover who we are as adults while grappling with the sins of the past, our own and our parents! ... full review
JEREMY FOGEL June 17, 2014
This play was awesome. It was a total roller coaster of emotion. The actors mastered the art of playing relatable characters in completely unrelatable situations. It was a dark and triumphant story about loss and leaving it in the past. The cast was magnificent and the story is truly one of a kind.... full review
BEN HENSLEY June 18, 2014
Reborning was such a FUN and challenging evening at the theatre. Solidly anchored by three professional, committed and emotionally raw performances by the actors, it's a gripping, nuanced exploration of abandonment, creative inspiration and art ownership. Curious Beast Theatre Company is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic and creative new theatre voices in the city. Solid direction, producing and design. Check it out, if for nothing else a chance to cradle the creep-tastic life-like baby dolls that are central to this wonderful play. ... full review
SHEANA OCHOA certified reviewer June 20, 2014
I had to see this play once I heard about the premise of clients sending their pictures of their children to doll makers to sculpt their likeness. It was like stuffing your pet after he died, but with human beings. Sick, right? Except this is a black comedy. I'm not a masochist. I want to laugh, and laugh I did. The acting is exceptional, the script tight, and the ending intelligently leaves you pondering long after you've left the theater. ... full review
TRENT HOPKINS June 22, 2014
The best part of this play would have to be Mary Carrig, she was exceptional in her role. ... full review

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