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Why I Died, a Comedy!

solo performance · · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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WENDY BECKER June 25, 2014
Katie Rubin takes you on a ride through some of her life's experiences with such energy and creativity in her characterizations with great talent and wit. A wonderful one woman show.... full review
DEBBIE SOTO June 10, 2014
tagged as: clever · talented · funny · compelling
I have been a fan of Katie Rubin since 2006, when she played Mayella Violet Ewell in "To Kill A Mockingbird" at Sacramento Theatre Company. Her performance stood out to me because of how she tells a story … with every inch of her body. You believe her… how can you not believe her? So, when I was in town for my daughter’s fringe show, I took the opportunity to see Katie’s new show, "Why I Died, A Comedy" at Theatre Asylum, the Elephant Space. We saw the Preview Show and the venue was plagued with some technical difficulties which included no sound to play the show’s music and sound effects. No worries… we didn’t notice that anything was missing… Katie became the sound effects and the music… brilliant. Early in the show, Katie is a c... full review
JULIE SOTO certified reviewer June 12, 2014
Katie definitely takes the audience on a journey in this delightful 1 woman show. While absolutely a comedy, Katie is able to weave in moments of heartbreaking loneliness and isolation. There is never a second where she begins "acting." Katie is an amazing performer that I'm sure will keep you entertained. ... full review
When I think "one man/woman show," I don't often leap in front of moving traffic for tickets. "How will we find dramatic tension with only one person on stage," I ask myself? "Will the jokes really LAND, or is this another self-indulgent actor-bation session," I query the stars? "How the heeby-jeebies is this lady/dude going to hold my attention for an hour by themselves," I muse? Well rest-assured, self (and all of Los Angeles), Katie Rubin rocks the living shenanigans out of the "One-Woman Show" genre with this performance. Bouncing between dialects, physicalities, characters, caricatures, and genuine, heartfelt, sincere story-telling with the deftness of a hummingbird nom-nom-nomming on all the nectar it can get on the Spring Equinox, ... full review
HILA SCHURR certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: energetic · entertaining · compelling
Wow, Katie Rubin is amazing in this one woman show that explores her journey to finding her spiritual truth. Her energy, talent and depth really shine. She embodies 10 different characters and you forget she is the same person. She manages to take very raw and difficult subject matter and infuse it with a comedic touch. Don't miss this one. It's stellar and she leaves it all on the stage.... full review
BOB LEGGETT June 15, 2014
Katie Rubin's spiritual journey is wonderful written and performed - it's biting satirical wit will leave you laughing but thinking seriously about your own life. Go see it!... full review
GABE RAMIREZ June 15, 2014
Saw it, loved it. This super hyper-kinetic comedy maven is delightful to watch, easy on the ears and eyes!! yes she sings like a Disney princess. ... full review
ANNE MURPHY certified reviewer June 15, 2014
True catharsis!Must be seen! I laughed out loud and silently sobbed. The clarity of character was engaging and inspiring. So much detail in movement and voice. Transitions were seamless and her struggle spoke to so many levels in my life. ... full review
OLIVIA SIMONE June 28, 2014
This was mind blowingly wonderful in every way.... It has stayed with me well after the performance. It is defiantly my pick of the fringe and should be seen by everyone all over the world. What a gift. Thank you for moving my mind and heart though your creative genius xx ... full review
JESSE RUNDE June 16, 2014
The best show I've seen at the Hollywood Fringe Festival thus far! What a beautiful combination of humor, truth, and spirituality. The storytelling is brilliant, with twists and turns that keep you from knowing what's around the corner as you hang on every word. Rubin's characters are finely drawn, each one is delineated from the one that came before her or him, and portrayed with great pathos. You can tell this show is a labor of love, and not just a product to be sold.... full review


HOLLYWOODN'T is Lisa Verlo's solo show and personal journey across Hollywood's unsettling sexual landscape. Directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson, it is a musical memoir recounting Lisa’s experiences on the casting couches of LA.