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GWYNETH & BEYONCÉ: A Tale of 2 Virgins // HOT BUTT

comedy · christina jeffs & laura keller // lindsey fisher & patrick babbitt · Ages 21+ · United States

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Tickets for this show are not available via the Fringe Website

For tickets, please use the links below:

Friday, June 13 @ 08:00 PM in
the Main Stage – tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

Thursday, June 19 @ 09:00 PM in
the Main Stage – tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

Saturday, June 21 @ 08:00 PM in
the Main Stage – tickets are $10 (FREE for iO students)

GWYNETH & BEYONCÉ: A Tale of 2 Virgins – Gwyneth and Beyoncé are Laura Keller and Christina Jeffs, Laura Keller and Christina Jeffs ARE Gwyneth and Beyoncé. They’ve combined forces to find out what happens when America’s sweethearts(?) are hit with a story so life/career threatening that they’re forced to stop being polite and start getting real.

HOT BUTT – Hot Butt consists of the two comedic heart throbs Lindsey Fisher and Patrick Babbitt. They have been performing together for over seven years with the Los Angeles by way of Chicago sketch comedy group the Cool Table. They now bring you Hot Butt. A show that combines the fun laughs of The Notebook and the hard hitting realism of Cars 2. Lindsey’s one woman show was recently featured in the Chicago Women’s Funny Fest. Patrick can most recently be seen on NBC’s Community.

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A show beyond this reality? A one-man cabaret about never, EVER fitting in. Told through four days in the 90's. Described as, "Reinventing the form," "amateur," "musically outstanding," "a waste of time," "earnest, heartbreaking, & real."


"If they get you when you're a child, they've got you for life." Experience Nicole Steinwedell's One Woman Show about growing up in a Christian cult, internalizing her abusers, and finally reclaiming her life as her own! *CLICK IMAGE FOR TICKETS*