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The Oy of Sex

comedy · alicia dattner · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States of America

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ROBERT JACOBSON certified reviewer June 16, 2015
tagged as: one person show · sex · Love · addiction · honest
Alicia Dattner's "The Oy of Sex" is a hilarious and intensely honest performance. Dattner's one person show explores her life growing into sexuality and emerging as a something much more powerful. ... full review
MARK WANDS June 14, 2015
I sat in the front row of this play last night and I have to say it was as good as any play I have seen since I moved here 3 years ago. I'm not one of those loud belly laughers but my jaws are still sore from all my smiling. She was great with the audience as people came in late and she handled it great. She was sexy and I recommend anyone that can see this and wants a great laugh and experience go see this NOW... full review
BEN MOROSKI certified reviewer June 15, 2015
tagged as: Generous · thoughtful · hilarious · empathy · sex
I just loved this show. Alicia is an incredibly generous and thoughtful performer - not just about her demanding and personal subject matter, but generous with and thoughtful of her live audience. Those essential elements of solo performance that often goes missing are present in Alicia's performance and the whole of "The Oy of Sex" in abundance and make the entire hour a joy. I laughed my ass off nearly the entire time and at the same time, I empathized and I thought and I considered and I learned. This show is entertaining in the best possible way. It's a shame it's only here for one weekend but I'm so, so happy I got a chance to see it while it was here.... full review
LAURA CARSON certified reviewer June 17, 2015
tagged as: funny · sex comedy · Brave
Alicia Dattner is that girlfriend you want to go out for cocktails with knowing that something really crazy is going to happen before the end of the night. Her sexual exploits and what they ultimately help her come to realize are the basis of this funny, honest show. Her energy is relentless and her smile infectious. ... full review
Alicia Dattner gave me a religious experience....while she was unhappily giving another woman cunnilingus. Alicia Dattner is pure gold, surging unabashedly into laugh-out-loud, completely original material about sex we NEVER get to hear, much less see reenacted. Dattner represents a new wave in popular culture of acknowledging that not only do women think about, crave, pursue and enjoy sex (well, when it's good), SHOCKING REVELATION HERE: we don't always connect it with love. And, like men, we don't always keep love and sex in balance. Dattner keeps a tight eye on her audience, periodically stopping to ask "Are we doing ok here?" We are, but we appreciate the check-in :) Just keep this great material coming.... full review
ED GOODMAN certified reviewer June 15, 2015
This is a pretty straightforward show. Alicia Dattner takes us on a walk through her (not exactly) romantic history and uses that as the basis for some soul searching and some answers mining. So far, it sounds like a dozen shows you've seen. Today. But what makes this a show worth seeing is Dattner's spirit. Her enthusiasm on stage is intoxicating. When it's over, you want to run out and do your own one person show (or kiss the first person you meet). You get the idea she's not just a great performer, she's probably a great person. (Her handling of some late comers was masterful and kind. Always a wonderful thing to see a performer take care of audience even when they're fifteen minutes late.) The show is about love and romance an... full review

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