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Dora and Me/ Yo soy Dora

comedy · rick creese · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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BELLA MERLIN certified reviewer June 15, 2015
There is no question that Amy Urbina is an indomitable force on stage. Incredibly personable, versatile, and stunningly beautiful! Brava! And she tackles challenging material with chutzpah. The challenge is that the play combines two Doras - a fictional Latina Dora trying to make it in Hollywood - and Dora Jordan, a real-life actress from 1760s' Ireland. It's a little tricky to tell at present whether Latina Dora is being haunted, if she's schizophrenic, if she's simply being playful with two identities. Consequently, our relationship as audience to both Doras becomes confused. That's the great thing about the Fringe - it's a forum in which we can try out new work and hone it. And it may be that the writer and director could develop more ful... full review
In "Dora and Me/Yo Soy Dora" Amy Urbina brings to life two bright actresses who connect across the centuries to tell a surprising and captivating story. The tension between these two women's characters, masterfully performed by Urbina, highlight and contrast the challenges to finding happiness that everyone in the audience can recognize. It takes an accomplished, skilled and brilliant performer such as Urbina to ignite that stage and accomplish such a feat. With it's clarity and compassion, the empathetic, and not to be missed, portrayal of contemporary Dora Valverde and the historical Dora Jordan will leaving you wanting more. If you are looking to open you heart, engage in fascinating untold tales, and laugh hysterically, go see the Doras!... full review

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