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This is We

comedy · fighting against time productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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If we were to describe Mark Smolyar, the only word that seems to fit over his many talents and triumphs is "artist." Writer, rap artist, producer, actor of many characters, social justice spokesperson, and pure energized focus on his work- go see his play "This Is We" just to admire the triumph of this man. Except there's more. Derrick Vadermillen and Kjai Block accompany Mark in a journey of many characters all surrounding Mikey B/Michael Carter Bronson/Michael in his journey of life. These gentlemen exquisitely go through not only characters changing at the drop of a hat or blackout, but can take each character on a full journey. See this play if you like rap. See it if you like people who are different than you. See it if you lik... full review

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