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King Dick

comedy · the gangbusters theatre company · Ages 11+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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COLIN CAMPBELL certified reviewer June 10, 2015
I saw this extraordinary show opening night. I have long been a fan of Gangbusters Theatre Company. King Dick is the most entertaining piece of comic historical madness. The characters of Nixon, Elvis Presley and their chemistry was superb, The senator and the Graceland Entourage were so strong and indelible. I loved this show. It was extremely smart, historically informative and quite insane. This piece is gong to develop into a major play with a long run and I will want to see it again. Do not miss this. Kudos to Christian Levantino and the Gangbusters Group for this refreshingly original work. ... full review
ANDREW CATHEY certified reviewer June 13, 2015
So I came to see a random show for a first date with a lovely girl. We both laughed so much and would say that we were both gladly surprised. I had heard Chris' other work was great and decided to take a chance on it. It was entertaining from start to finish. Full of great dialogue and a great ensemble cast that was stellar! I recommend seeing it, highly!... full review
TRENT HOPKINS uncertified reviewer June 13, 2015
I really enjoyed this show. Great writing and a fun time. Excellent acting. ... full review
BREN COOMBS uncertified reviewer June 13, 2015
tagged as: comedy · See it! · funny · fun
A fun take on a meeting between two iconic figures, complete with cameos and references to other historic figures and events of the time period. If you're looking for a fun show, with amazing costumes, and great actors, King Dick doesn't disappoint.... full review
ADAM EVERETT certified reviewer June 13, 2015
So what do you get when you do a play about Elvis Presley making an appearance at the White House during Nixon's presidency? KING DICK. Margo Rowder and her behind the scenes crew take us back to 1970 when such a thing did occur in this comedy of what may have happened when they met. It's happening as part of the Hollywood Fringe located at the Theatre Asylum on 1078 Lillian Way. See it.... full review
EDWARD GOODMAN uncertified reviewer June 15, 2015
My initial reaction upon seeing the postcard was "That's a great postcard. I hope the show is as compelling as this image." Good news. It is. What I love about this show is its fearlessness in portraying two big names from American culture. The Gangbusters know that if you do a little digging, you break through the happy-dumb cartoon versions of history we learn in American schools and television to discover that not only were these people human beings with all kinds of weird quirks and behaviors, but extraordinary in ways they don't get credit for. Not satisfied with trotting out the personified punchlines of forty years of jokes and rumors, it feels like Christian Levatino did his research and came up with compelling truths upon ... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS uncertified reviewer June 19, 2015
They say, "You should never meet your heroes." After seeing this play, it's easy to see why. King Dick, a new play by the delightfully mad Christian Levatino, takes on the challenge of chronicling an encounter between two of modern American history's biggest personalities, and in doing so, it manages to expose them as sincere individuals, convicted in their beliefs, but just as deeply flawed as you or I. Christian doesn't hesitate to tear through the facades of legend and legacy, shattering the illusions that made these two men tower larger-than-life, revealing them to be simply human. Human, with the same quirks, addictions, hang-ups, hypocrisies, proclivities, greedy motivations, and self-serving impulses that we all deal with. Always ... full review
SARAH CHANEY uncertified reviewer June 19, 2015
tagged as: talented cast
King Dick is filled with some amazing talent. Both of the actors who portrayed Elvis and Nixon managed to create fully unique, believable, and hilarious characters. The show itself when on about 20 minutes too long and the middle dragged a bit, but, beyond that, it was extremely enjoyable!... full review
MICHAEL RAYNOR certified reviewer June 22, 2015
King Dick is a bold, eccentric poetic work. The guy who wrote it plays E, the main character. His Elvis Presley is astonishing and fun to watch. This sharp minded writer-actor is fully commited and very entertaining. All of the other actors fulfill their respective roles with clarity, which in and of itself produces remarkable work. The actor protraying Nixon was particularly fanastic. The only thing I would add to the play's development is hearing Elvis sing, move his hips- even if only just a flash, the play needs that expression. ... full review
KELLY VROOMAN uncertified reviewer June 25, 2015
King Dick is a completely unique delight. This show takes real-life characters you know and shakes them around in a martini shaker, adds some uppers then dips them in 24 carat gold. Truly an experience you'll be sorry you missed!... full review