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comedy · portable currency · Ages 12+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Warren G. Harding is in love. And he’s not paying attention. He is the “best of the second-raters” choice for the Republican nomination. His mistress is a German sympathizer, his most ardent admirer is a 14-year old girl with plans, and his backers are out-of-control corrupt. “Warren and the Teapots” follows the rise of Warren G. Harding who becomes America’s worst president – and the cabal of Republican senators (realized as the 50s doo-wop group The Teapots) who celebrate Warren’s unmistakable mediocrity.

A new comedy by Jeffery Atik.
The latest from L.A.’s Portable Currency, the makers of the HFF14 hit TELENOVELA WIVES OF PANCHO VILLA.

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production team

martha duncan *
florence/senator flowerpot
achilles molina *
senator shitpot

* Fringe Veteran


Sex blogger turned novelist Ethan crashes the B&B of gifted but obscure novelist Olivia. Each craves what the other posses. As attraction turns to sex, they inch closer to getting what they want but at what cost to their complicated relationship?