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The Best of Albuquerque Fringe 2025

comedy · village idiom productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States of America

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MANDY MUENZER June 10, 2015
Highly creative, original material. Great performances by the entire cast! Was a mad-house of fun and laughter! ... full review
tagged as: funny · hilarious · guffaws · sketch · ensemble
Let me say up front I 'have a complex relationship with "theater about theater." Not that I don't enjoy it (at least when done well, but that is true of almost everything--on the other hand I cannot bring myself to care if a football game is played well or reading new depths of wretchedness--but I digress)! But to be honest, an "in joke" by definition tends to lean too heavily on the references rather that any inherent humor. Having said that, I actually laughed at one point so hard I couldn't stop! Nor was I alone! Pretty much the entire audience lost it so hard the players literally had to wait for us to stop! Which gives you some idea of just how funny this show proved to be at its best! At its worst? Well, honestly a small handful ... full review
GORDON MEACHAM certified reviewer June 17, 2015
tagged as: edgy · satirical · funny · variety act · irreverent
It's really funny. The acts take a little while to get going, but once you get into the drollness of the piece, it really takes off. If you're tired of common topics and concepts for small and/or avant-garde theatre and the personalities that roll with that, then Albuqueef Fronge 2025 is the show you gotta see. The Belgian joke show is ... sublime. Make sure you don't eat the chocolate they give you at the ticket booth. Trust me. You get an opportunity to do so much more with it, that is, assuming schadenfreude is something you feel strongly about.... full review
CHRIS MAIKISH certified reviewer June 26, 2015
tagged as: clever · hilarious
The funny bits in this show go well beyond the primary comedic conceit-- skewering everything Fringe. Sure, there's plenty of that, but the core shows-within-the-show that they are "awarding" are hilarious on their own. The actors give no-holds-barred performances of an entirely unapologetic script. It's sometimes madcap, it's sometimes endearing, but it's always full-throated and keeps your attention. Corey Lynn Howe's direction brings clarity to each moment and the quickly shifting landscapes. A lot of fun for anyone, and especially funny for any Fringe veterans. Go!... full review
JOSEY MONTANA MCCOY certified reviewer June 20, 2015
tagged as: fun · hilarious · fringe · well-acted · well-written
What a blast! This was one of the first shows I saw this Fringe. It was a great way to get in the Fringe mood. I loved that the sketches excellently walk a fine line of reality and ridiculousness. I had such a good time from the very start as the hosts of the ABQ Fringe 2025 perfectly set you up and get you ready for the fun that continuously ensues! And the different nicknames for the ABQ fringe that are spouted out each scene kept me laughing all night!... full review
THERESA STROLL certified reviewer June 21, 2015
tagged as: comedy · Must See
This show was absolutely delightful! I am so glad I went to this show and highly recommend it! Very cleverly written with exceptional performances from every actor! If you need a good time, this show kept me laughing the entire time.... full review
BRET SHEFTER certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Material is clever, creative, and very very funny. Mostly strong performances, with the women overall stronger than the men (Jim Blanchette being a notable exception). Particularly impressed with the number of characters many of the actors were able to differentiate clearly. One extremely minor quibble about the writing: The conceit is that the show takes place ten years in the future, but -- apart from a single joke near the start -- the material seems firmly tied to present-day culture. Warning: The potential for emotional turmoil exists if you object as strongly as I do to receiving chocolate but being simultaneously ordered not to eat it.... full review
S. CLAUS certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Fun show with perky, confident performers, send-ups of different show stiles (the musical parodies were particularly wicked fun) and a hilarious puppet goose. Everyone in the cast was great but Jim Blanchette, Jacob Smith, Lauren Flans and Lisa K. Wyatt were, in this humble author's opinion, worthy of the old SCTV line-up in terms of solid performance, diversity of style and that wee touch of madness that makes this kind of material so fun to watch. ... full review
JEFF BOBERG certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Fun and entertaining.... full review
KIMBERLY STANPHILL certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Zany, silly, and musically superb ... that's how I would describe this show. And every actor gave 110% to every moment on stage ... they had so much fun so we had so much fun!! So thank you for a crazy, air-conditioned ride ... I loved it!... full review

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