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Thenardiers Inn - A Les Miserables Cabaret

cac studios · Ages 21+ · United States of America

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ED CASAR certified reviewer June 13, 2015
A joyous production in a wonderfully intimate setting. Charming cast and great voices in this scandalous re-telling of Le Miz.... full review
ROBERT KWAN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
OMG This cabaret was so much fun. The most entertaining version of Les Miz I ever attended. You will have a grand old time. Fantastic cast. Vocals are incredible. Highly recommend. Bobby ... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 15, 2015
If you have ever watched or been listening to to Les Mis and had thoughts like, "Wow! Jean Val Jean just waltzed into that tavern and bought himself a little girl. That's kind of sketchy!" Then this is the show for you. Thenardier, played by Nathan Ondracek, is a great host. He interacts with the audience marvelously and is equal parts charming and sleezy. On the whole the voices are good and suited to their roles and everyone embraces the rough, tongue in cheek atmosphere. This production is clever and high-spirited, but in their desire to interact with the entire audience the actors spend quite a bit of time in the aisles where it becomes hard to see and hear them. Had the main characters spent more time on the actual stage, it would have ... full review
tagged as: musical · cabaret · comedy
This is not Les Mis. This is the show that every regional, touring, and Broadway performance of Les Mis wishes it were. This isn't a show, it's an EXPERIENCE. Why isn't Les Mis done this way? Without children, With drinks, and joyfully disregarding personal space. Tearing down the fourth wall and playing in the rubble, this cast of monster talents wreaks gleeful havoc with everything you love, and everything you love to hate about Les Mis. They can sing, they can dance, they can act, they can think on their feet, and they have NO FEAR. I was so thoroughly engrossed, I completely forgot my glass was empty. I forgot I HAD a glass. I couldn't even leave my seat during intermission. If you love Les Mis, see this show. If you've never... full review
KATHERINE DIAZ June 19, 2015
Such a fun, whacky experience backed by serious talent. Every actor was committed and thoroughly entertaining. Way to take a classic musical and add some modern sensibility...I had a blast! Congrats to everyone involved! ... full review
TIFFANY ASTA June 19, 2015
Thenardier's Inn is everything I wanted and more in a Fringe Show. It was Hilarious, campy, and had some amazing vocals to boot. You even get a revolutionary pin to take home after you've survived the revolution! Nick Rubando's clever script is a great retelling of Les Mis, but #notlesmis. If you know the show it helps, you are more in tune with the jokes and ponderings running about. But, if you know nothing about Les Mis you will still have a romping good time. Definitely grab a drink at the bar beforehand, because there is a running drinking game going on throughout the show. Also, there are tons of cast interactions in this show, so be prepared for that as well. *cough cough* don't sit in the front if you don't want to participate. The c... full review
JOSH BEDNARSKY certified reviewer June 19, 2015
Where do I begin?! I am a Les Mis junkie. Though, I need to limit my fix to here and there so I don't get hooked so bad that I'm curled up in the gutter somewhere listening to Colm Wilkinson on repeat dressed as an urchin. If you are looking for an enjoyable night out, interacting with committed actors who take you into the world of Les Mis, singing beautifully through the entire show AND infusing it with witty and clever banter and jokes that no one gets to make while seeing the actual show, all the while feeling invited (at least I did) to sing along on tunes like "Red and Black" and "Do You Hear the People Sing?" then this is the show for you. Having seen the show 7 times on Broadway including the final performance to the public of the ... full review
This was such a fantastic show! I was so impressed with the quality of the talent and how solid the performance was. You can tell that the actors were very comfortable in their roles and could really play with the show. They did a great job of connecting with the audience - which was packed full to the brim - and you could tell everyone was having a great time. Plus, it was wonderful to hear all of the beautiful music from Les Miserables. Les Miz can get a little depressing, and the cool thing was that they added a lot of comedic bits throughout that added a lot of laughs and kept things light, while still integrating the beauty of the music. Definitely recommend, or look them up after Fringe if they do show dates elsewhere - a must see!... full review
I have seen Les Miz twice, once when it toured through Vegas and once in London. Both times the person I went with was streaming tears by the end (I was barely holding them back). This version has tears of Laughter in everyone's eyes. Admittedly, the setting and telling were slightly different but the music and emotion were still very there. This was a great cast, a great show, and while I know it is already sold out... If you can find a ticket Take it. Also, sit on stage... No really, there are five seats on stage and it was a blast to be sitting in them.... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 22, 2015
Definitely the most fun I have had at any Fringe show! Total immersive and interactive theatrical experience filled with great songs and fabulous acting. I hope this show is extended so I can see it again and again!... full review

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