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The Poe Show

the poe show fo sho · United States of America

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MERRILL GREEN certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Brendon Hunt is hilarious as Poe. The commercials are too broad, the Raven underused, Shakespeare as a guest must have been a replacement -- there was no bit there. Brave and raunchy, it could use better direction and some writing. Brendan should never let Poe die!... full review
KRISTYNE ELIZABETH FETSIC certified reviewer June 21, 2015
I love intelligent and clever humor and this show is packed to the brim with that! I had a TON of fun watching this show and I recommend it to EVERYONE! I was laughing a majority of the time :) The comedic timing was perfect and the actors were impeccable, especially Brendan Hunt who plays Poe. I think the best part about it is that no two shows are alike. I could tell that there were scripted bits, bits recently added, and improv bits. The premise is hilarious and inclusion of "clips" and "commercial breaks" is just so expertly done and absolutely genius. I will say this though...the show I saw featured an interview with William Shakespeare which I thought was a little flat. There was a hilarious bit about a certain play of Shakespeare's th... full review
MARY ELLEN MORENO certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: hysterical · witty · fun
The Poe Show was HYSTERICAL! What a funny concept! Brendan Hunt was a master at dry wit, and he has us all in the palm of his hand the entire show!! Cj Merriman and Gillian Bellinger were also stand-outs! GO SEE THIS!... full review
LYLE FRIEDERICHS certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Want to uncomfortably chuckle yourself into unbridled laughter followed by enthusiastic applause? This is your show. It's crazy good! Well done! A powerhouse cast!... full review
ROBIN WALSH certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Why is it the last show I’ve seen is always my favorite? Favorite or not - The Poe Show is a superb evening of well written, well timed, and well acted dystopian Talk Show joy. Poe is brilliantly played to the hilt by Brendan Hunt, and the rotating cast of side characters makes me want to go back to see what I may have missed. This is one show I certainly hope has a life after the Fringe - for I want mo’ Poe!... full review
JULIA GRISWOLD certified reviewer June 25, 2015
I learned so much about literary history by attending this true account of the life and times of Edgar Allen Poe, accompanied by his friends and enemies who were also authors, or presidents, or historical/fictional figures who were definitely real and exactly as portrayed in this show. 9 pustules out of 10, would bleed again.... full review
PHILLIS KEMP certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Brilliant! The audience was falling on the floor. This show is a treasure. ... full review
RUTH SILVEIRA certified reviewer June 24, 2015
Inspired silliness. And silliness is very enjoyable indeed when assayed by such accomplished performers. Side note: Shakespeare, who made an appearance tonight, (yes, he did) claims to have coined the word 'eyeball'. Could this be true? It must be because I heard it on The Poe Show.... full review
AMANDAWEIER@YAHOO.COM WEIER certified reviewer June 24, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed the wit and whimsy of THE POE SHOW. It's smart, irreverent and just down-right fun. Highly recommend!... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 24, 2015
tagged as: best of fringe
Fantastic. This is my kind of theatre - smart, witty, historical, zany, and macabre. I'll just say "GO!" because every aspect of this show is on point and I'm SO glad I got a chance to see it!!!!... full review