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The Poe Show

the poe show fo sho · United States of America

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June 05, 2015 certified reviewer

My overall impression

First off. This show is a lot of fun. While it is just flat out satirical and zany, the actors still stay truthful and committed to their respective roles. The show is very self-aware of itself which is part of the charm. A great fringe show. Secondly, Poe Show does not feel like, or present itself as a play. It is certainly a show of it’s own breed.

It flies by as you would assume a talk show would. There is an opening monologue, a bit of banter at Poe’s desk with the Raven. A commercial, guests, commercial, guests, commercial, guest, and a wonderful musical climax. There is a lot of room for fun and play when you have such great iconic figures to work with (Dracula, Mary Shelley, Mark Twain, etc.).

I had a TERRIFIC time at this show. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone. It should be one of the best, and most talked about shows in the Fringe.

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