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Hello Out There

ensemble theatre · dedalus theatre company · Ages 7+ · family friendly · United States of America

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I love William Saroyan’s work and the tenderness and love for simple people that radiates from his view of humanity. In this play, about an innocent man threatened by a lynch mob, if one was not familiar with Saroyan’s style, and jaded by our modern view, we might miss the point that here are two gentle people meeting and influencing each other. Nowadays we suspect kindness and look for the hidden agenda a stage character has. Well, director Nate Clute (who stepped in as the lead for this performance) is true to Saroyan, so turn off your cynicism and accept the play as a paean to love. Clute as actor and director makes it work, however, please turn up the lighting in the jail cell. Reviews @theatrespokenhere ... full review
PAUL DECUNZO June 27, 2015
Amazing in retrospect. The theme of reaching out of self, grasping to fix what is broken inside kept coming back to me several days after the performance I attended. What an amazing play to provoke such a response. Thank you!... full review
CHRISTOPHER MCKENZIE certified reviewer June 25, 2015
Classic play done by some pretty talented folks. The desperation, the hope, the desire to connect - and the societies crushing of the human spirit; violently dismembering honesty. Great play, great cast, well done.... full review
MARILYN CORUM certified reviewer June 29, 2015
I enjoyed the production. The production and acting were good. While the story represented out-of-fashion values, it was refreshing to know how far we've come. Be prepared to feel lonely as you leave the theatre!... full review

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“Democracy in shambles? Why not put on a show? That’s the inciting impulse behind Trump Family Special, [a] concatenation of Franklin D Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the Partridge Family’s Christmas albums and the apocalypse.” - The Guardian

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