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comedy · mark your calendar productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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What DR. STRANGELOVE did for nuclear war BYE-BYE does for the history of mental institutions in America. This blacker-than-black farce takes you behind the scenes of one of America’s most infamous , the Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry. Using actual transcripts and covering nearly 100 years of eye-popping history, the gruesome becomes the hilarious in this frenetic ensemble comedy with its dazzling parade of insane, inept, poignant and heroic characters. BYE-BYE leads to a stunning climax that’ll have you questioning who the crazy ones really are. West Coast premier. Five performances only!

Starring: CJ Armstrong, Candice Dalsing, Geoffrey Lloyd, Victoria Longwell, Norman JR McKenzie, Daniel E. Moore, Eric Pierce, Danielle Marie Savka, Heather Smith.

production team

jon argenziano *
assistant producer

* Fringe Veteran