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Romeo and Juliet: An ASL Love Story

asl shakespeare · Ages 10+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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STEVEN DODD certified reviewer June 07, 2015
Very impressed by actors delivering two languages simultaneously. ... full review
ISABELLA PETRINI certified reviewer June 07, 2015
What a beautiful, moving production featuring some pretty amazing performers and artists. If you're looking for a very fresh take on a timeless story this festival season, do not miss this production. Using their hearts and souls, the ensemble brings us to a different kind of Verona than we're familiar with. The melding of ASL with spoken dialogue in the production is perfection. Don't miss this one. Just gorgeous.... full review
STEPHANIE GARCIA certified reviewer June 15, 2015
I really enjoyed this play and the actors did an amazing job..... full review
AUDREY HALE certified reviewer June 15, 2015
This was a spectacular show. If you have an interest in Deaf Theatre or Sign Language, this is an experience you should seek out. Even if you are unfamiliar with Sign, there are cast members who verbalize what the actors are signing. This performance allows both the hearing and Deaf to appreciate a beautiful story presented in a beautiful language. It is a must-see.... full review
ENCI BOX June 15, 2015
I've seen a few ASL theater production in the past and it is quite a different experience to watch ASL for hearing people. Your brain kind of splits because you are watching and hearing a language and at the same time you are also watching the production, not just the sign language. This production started out a bit confusing to me because of my brain splitting in half, trying to read and hear the two languages at the same time as well as figuring out who is who (deaf actors had their speaking "shadows" and hearing actors were speaking english and signing at the same time). However, it didn't take too long to be sucked into the play and by the time the hour was over, I was emotionally exhausted and wanted to cry, I was so touched by the p... full review
As a professor of Shakespeare, I thought this was one of the best, most creative interpretations of Romeo and Juliet that I've had the pleasure of seeing. The nimble use of sign and voice together heightened the experience to an impressive level. Those who shy away from the deaf world should see this show: I never thought of ASL as poetic. That is my downfall and prejudice, both which now have been shattered. ... full review
GRACE DELSOHN certified reviewer June 20, 2015
Stephanie is my favorite actress and it was so great to see her so close up. The signing was amazing and so pure. Everything about it was amazing! I am a theatre and an ASL student in high school, so I loved it!... full review
LENA HICKS certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Very passionate performance! The show has increased my interest in ASL courses!... full review
LAN BAILIS June 29, 2015
Unfortunately I missed this last performance due to transportation problems. However my two friends were able to attend. They enjoyed and raved of the performance and ASL to myself and others at the post celebratory gathering. My Deaf friend, "'Make another one!' Is that's all I can say! It means people love their story with ASL!!" My hearing friend, "The signing was beautiful. I loved it." And she was excited to meet Stephanie from the TV series "Switched at Birth." From my two friends, they give the play an "amazing" rating. It pleases me they enjoyed the performance! Bravo Aly Easton!!... full review
TOMMY MCKINZIE certified reviewer July 04, 2015
Acting in front of a live audience is an art that might not come naturally to some, Shakespeare can be a challenge for your average actor, and learning another language can be a struggle for anyone. When you merge all 3 amongst a cast of both deaf and hearing alike, "challenge" would be an understatement; especially since the target audience is aimed at both the deaf and hearing communities. Putting all these elements together in a successful manner definitely is a product of sacrifice and hard work...and after seeing the performance, it more than paid off. The story was not lost within the language nor the translations, and the combination of speech and sign both conveyed artistic beauty that kept the audience enthralled and mesmerized t... full review


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