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Adam & Eve... and Steve

musicals and operas · eden interrupted company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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BRIGHT EYES PRODUCTIONS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2015
tagged as: musical comedy
Promising material and some catchy tunes, but the over-acting (with the exception of the Adam character)and a tendency to go preachy on us threatens to bury the whole enterprise. That's the director's fault. Maybe with repeated performance, it will mature, but right now I'd say "Wait till late in the run".... full review
KIMBERLY MELCON uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
I absolutely loved this show !! It was well-written and the music was awesome! It was truly a beautiful story about love! What a great cast as well. I would definitely see it again and I recommend this show to anyone. ... full review
SANDRA DARNEL uncertified reviewer June 08, 2015
Very entertaining, funny & warm exploration of love. Enjoyed the songs, especially "I Want a Home" - so poignant. Great cast. Great sense of humor in the writing. Highly recommend this show! ... full review
GARY BOOHER uncertified reviewer June 13, 2015
This discovery is a warm fuzzy, sweet story that is cute, funny and charming to its core. But most surprising is finding a tuneful musical comedy reminiscent of the best of the Golden Age of musical theater. The songs are stand-out tuneful and well sung by great performers, in a style from long ago, including vaudeville-style song-and-dance. Seen through the modern lense of contemporary society, your heart will be smiling as you hear the songs and cheer the characters. Go see it, and you will go home with a feel-good warm glow. After the Fringe it is moving to North Hollywood, but at twice the price!... full review
DAVE EGAN certified reviewer June 13, 2015
A charming and clever retelling of the Garden of Eden tale, where Satan conjures up another possible mate for Adam (Yves, not Eve), putting a wrinkle in God's plan. Some very talented actors with great voices are given wonderful musical material to work with. The script has a few holes in it that I hope will be worked out before the production moves to a theater in NoHo post-Fringe. But if you can overlook that minor issue, you'll be entertained by a fun story and terrific songs, presented by actors who give it their all. Oh, and they're not wearing too much while all this is going on!... full review
KAREN WOLFF certified reviewer June 13, 2015
It was a wonderful play. The music and all the songs were great. All the actors sang with beautiful voices and moved and danced so joyfully. There wasn't a boring moment. The Devil played by Wes Nathanson was especially terrific. Karen Wolff ... full review
ROBERT KWAN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Highly entertaining show!!! Wonderful lyrics and fantastic cast. Vocals are incredible. Highly recommend. Bobby ... full review
DAVID BICKFORD certified reviewer June 14, 2015
tagged as: musical
Terrific music, and the very talented cast has some great voices. Clever premise, but the book didn't fully deliver. Anachronistic moments in "period" pieces can be funny, but there still should be some internal logic. This was just all over the place. Overall, could use some tightening and stronger direction, but still worth it for the music and the performances. ... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 22, 2015
Satan steps out first to establish his prominence and, in truth, without his presence (and the great buck-and-wing he shares with God midway through, which deserved an instant encore)it would be a much less entertaining piece of Biblical whimsey. Propelled by a simple, charming song score (like THE FANTASTICKS) the introduction of Steve into the story ("adapted" from Genesis) is cute and sometimes self-consciously jokey, but remarkably Retro in its attitudes. It's moving directly into a two-month run (in NoHo, NOT WeHo) and will probably do very well indeed. The cast is all strong and very well-chosen---but before they embark on a long-term regular run Adam&Eve&Steve would be well-advised to head for tanning salon---right NOW. ... full review
LYNNE MOSES certified reviewer June 22, 2015
I loved this show! The songs, the choreography, the performances - all great. It definitely took me through the tour of emotions, and felt tight and economical. Time flew during this thoroughly enjoyable show. I plan to see it again, and bring friends, to when it opens in NoHo.... full review