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Porn Rock: An Unintentional Comedy

ensemble theatre · the ichabod's cranium players · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 06, 2016 original article

What I liked

One of the basic rights of freedom in America is the right to free speech. This allows for anyone to state an opinion or belief whether or not anyone else likes what is being said – and hopefully to not be threatened or attacked. Certainly the ability to express yourself and believe in what you want to believe is a basic human right in American society.

But challenging those who disagree with what the “majority” believe often causes outrage and sometimes even violence against those who have the right to say whatever they want. Such is the case right now, given the political scene leading up to the Presidential elections this year, as well as the uproar over Muslims being able to state their Anti-American opinions without being attacked by the media and/or society? Now certainly seems to be the perfect time to remind everyone that no matter how much you disagree with anything someone else has to say, they still have the right to say it.

While most of the testimonial dialogue is authentic, Meyers has taken some liberty with presenting the historical characters, a ploy that adds much humor born of the idiocy demonstrated by those attempting to censor musicians’ ability to write songs and sing about whatever they want, even if you don’t like it.

What I didn't like

I enjoyed everything about the show.

My overall impression

Lawrence Meyers’ script really should be shared with school students today to remind them about what it takes to protect their basic rights and how Americans cannot allow the government or any industry to attempt censorship, and how important it is to allow others to state a differing opinion without stooping to violence against them. Be and let be. Why is this always so impossible?

PORN ROCK is for everyone who believes in free speech, for the rights of artists and citizens everywhere to speak their minds, and for those who just like a good laugh at the government’s expense. Come on smart producers – take this show on a national tour!

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