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Super Sidekick: The Musical

musicals and operas · theatre unleashed · Ages 5+ · family friendly · United States of America

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DARREN MANGLER June 12, 2011
Here's how you know its a great show: when the kids are yelling and singing along with the show! At the performance I saw, the kids liked it so much that they actually became part of the show. It was amazing to watch! Costumes and music were exceptional. The Princess, BlackJack and Slurm were having so much fun on stage, that it was tough not to smile, bounce your feet and sing along yourself! This show is more for kids 10 and under, but pay what you can tickets and a great show is an hour well spent for any fun-loving adult!... full review
ALICIA REYES June 21, 2011
A must see!! ... full review
MIKE RIZZO June 07, 2011
I saw this show on the first run at Theater Unleashed. Fantastic show for everyone -- especially kids. Great songs, good interaction with the audience and most importantly it's the right amount of time (about an hour) for the little ones. Loved it...... full review
KAT PRIMEAU June 12, 2011
Another gem from Gregory Crafts! Follow adorkable superhero sidekick Inky as he conquers his fears, outsmarts the bad guys, and wins over the princess, with some great original musical numbers along the way. I'd love to see this piece play a big house, and encourage fringers to check it out in this very important development period. Audience interaction and a lot of goofiness make the play exciting and fun - and I'm certain the little girl giggling behind me the whole time agreed. Bring your family along for all-ages laughs and a truly delightful piece of children's theatre!... full review
PAM NOLES June 12, 2011
This show is a complete delight! A charming cast, lovely songs that complement the story without stopping it, all presented with a wonderful balance of real-world sincerity and complete over the top - as the best musicals and superhero comics do. The premise you can see on the show's main page. What I very much liked was how Crafts managed to integrate more than one 'After School Special' message in the story without being all Mjölnir about it (a trick those After School Specials never managed to pull off). I was especially impressed with how one of those messages was handled, but typing quickly I can't figure out how to detail it without spoilers. Let's just say it involves Princess Penelope's storyline, which I posit is a bit more nuan... full review
Go Inky Go!!! A story of a super sidekick taking a stand and saving not only his friend but his crush! This story has a lot of potential and with a some more workshopping of the script bigger space and budget probably a few more ninja koalas I think it would be a lot of fun. There are a lot of funny ideas, great audience interaction, and the songs make for a great heroic story, nicely contrasted by the songs of their evil counterpart. Take your kids, it will be fun.... full review
AARON KOZAK June 16, 2011
I loved this show, and your kids will too. Great script with both heart and humor. Slurm steals the show with his aviator goggles and a ridiculous fake mustache, but it's a solid ensemble no doubt. I saw the preview and they were already show ready. Expect this play to make some noise this year at the Fringe. ... full review

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