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All The Best Killers Are Librarians

comedy · the establishment · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 10, 2016
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What I liked

Campy, melodramatic, action-packed fun! Goofy yet suspenseful, full of comic relief, great cameos.

What I didn't like

Bob, let’s talk. Did you actually talk to a librarian before writing this? Because you should know that the supervisor doesn’t work at the circulation desk—that’s where the clerks work. The librarians are in CHARGE. You can’t “teach” someone to be a librarian, they need a masters’ degree. And librarians (except maybe in tiny rural libraries) seldom shelve books, and NEVER read on the job! We’re too busy finding books for other people! And dude, no one’s cell phone will ever make us obsolete! Still…we DO make the best killers. You cracked the code of the secret sisterhood.

My overall impression

Since I’m a librarian, I must protest at all the cliches further fortified by this play. But…it was clever, campy, melodramatic, and action-packed, so I have to say it was a fun night out!

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