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Please Stand Clear, The Doors Are Closing

solo performance · lurking cat theatre · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States of America

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June 12, 2016

What I liked

Yup, it’s a familiar scenario: you are on the Metro, the doors close, and some character who appears somewhat normal starts a dialogue with an imaginary enemy, an invisible friend, or you! It’s at least four minutes to the next station and you’re trapped. Well, here are 11 loquacious chaps sharing their peculiar stories with us, and one punk sharing his music. For example, there’s the guy in love with his cars, another mad as hell and taking it out on you, and (my favorite) a meek little man giving you directions in a childlike self-effacing way. Writer/Performer David Harper understands the suspended-in-time atmosphere created in a subway and brings life to these wonderfully eccentric characters. Join him on the Expo Line as we travel from Culver City to 7th Street/Metro Center with never a boring moment.

What I didn't like

All men? What about having a crazy lady, they ride the Metro too.

My overall impression

Don’t forget to tap your card and take a ride on the Los Angeles Metro!

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