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Paul Dooley: Upright and Personal

dooley & company productions · Ages 8+ · one person show · United States of America

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CHRIS BACON certified reviewer June 20, 2016
If you didn't know, the three wittiest and heartfelt films of all time are Jimmy Stewart's Harvey, Jason Robards' A Thousand Clowns, and Paul Dooley's Breaking Away (o.k., maybe Dennis Christopher and Steve Tesich helped a bit on the last one). Upright & Personal is a must see for anyone who appreciates the humor and humanity of this great comedic actor.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 19, 2016
This is a well-written, beautifully performed personal memoir, with some truly heart-breaking events strewn gracefully amidst a lot of comic material. Paul Dooley's comic timing is impeccable. ... full review
ROCKET RISING certified reviewer June 19, 2016
tagged as: Wonderful! · heart and soul
A lively and lovely time. Do not miss Paul Dooley. Five stars. Golden treasure!... full review
MELANIE ALEXANDER certified reviewer June 24, 2016
tagged as: funny · inspiring · heartfelt · comedy
It was an honest and inspiring story! ... full review
ERICA WILLIAMS certified reviewer June 24, 2016
Paul Dooley is a man whose done a lot in life and this show gives you pretty much most of it, and a lot of good jokes to tell around the water cooler later. He shows that there is a lot more to the person in the background than one may know.(Says the perpetual studio audience member ;)) ... full review
LAURA LANOIL certified reviewer June 25, 2016
A wonderful moment being invited into Mr.Dooleys "living room" to hear him share his truth- "Upright and Personal"... Like many members in the audience, I am lucky enough to have shared screen time with Mr.Dooley which made the evening extra special...... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2016
tagged as: funny · poignant · Brilliant!!
Loved this funny and heartwarming show! Would see it again!... full review
Highly recommend this show.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2016
What a delightful evening with Paul Dooley. It was wonderful hearing Paul's stories and learning so much more about his life and the many, many experiences he's had as an actor, improv artist, and raconteur. ... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 26, 2016
PAUL DOOLEY has cannily crafted a solo show which tells the story of his life---while leaving out all the details! I went in knowing WHERE he was born (West Virginia) and WHEN (88 years ago!) but he never mentions either, nor where he went to school with Don Knotts, nor any of the actual years that were benchmarks! Even without them (WHY?) his tale is an interesting one, embellished with plenty of unexpected film clips (many=decades old!) and the heart-wrenching story of losing his family (for a decade) just as his career reached a prominent plateau playing Fathers to Hollywood's Rich and Mighty! I was glad to have spent 1-1/2 hours with him!... full review

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