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Bumpersticker: The Musical

musicals and operas · fringe management, llc · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States of America

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BOB LEGGETT indie voice blog certified reviewer June 16, 2016
The hidden gem of HFF16. Don't miss it.... full review
RACHEL FLANAGAN discover hollywood magazine certified reviewer June 16, 2016
Bumpersticker: The Musical is a super fun musical experience, especially for a Los Angeles area crowd. Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck in your car, annoyed at the traffic, reading billboards and bumper stickers and listening to the radio to do anything to distract you from the terrible freeway traffic you are stuck in. Bumpersticker takes that experience to a new level by creating songs about popular sayings and slogans you see promoted on the cars zooming along the freeway. Maybe you have some bumper stickers yourself or maybe you’ve laughed at, poked fun at or admired the ones that other people have. If you have bumper stickers on your own car or you’ve seen them on someone else’s, you will enjoy a good time listening to the s... full review
MORNA MURPHY MARTELL certified reviewer June 17, 2016
Here’s a lively and imaginative musical revue with traffic everywhere and some really odd folk living up to their BUMPERSTICKER beliefs.... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL certified reviewer June 16, 2016
Bumpersticker: The Musical conquers the Hollywood Fringe Festival with its terrific triple threat combination making it great for people who don’t like musicals and even better for those who do. It’s the right show in the right venue with the right cast, and a rousing good time from beginning to end. The venue is Asylum at The Dragonfly, a nightclub where the music rocks, the bar stays open during the show, and the atmosphere is decidedly dark and fringy. It’s perfect for Gary Stockdale and Spencer Green’s homage to the aphorisms that define our lives, all printed on little sticky pieces of paper and proudly plastered on the cars we drive.... full review