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The 7 Guys You Date Before You Get Married

comedy · nicole burch production · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 25, 2016 discover hollywood magazine

What I liked

There is nothing better than being able to laugh at yourself and this show was the epitome of being able to have fun looking back at your past and being able to laugh, even if it was not funny when it happened. Also… Howie Mandel – Walk Like a man reference? PROPS.

What I didn't like

Not enough Flannel?

My overall impression

The 7 Guys You Date Before You Get Married is an incredibly funny and very relatable comedic retelling of some of the most significant relationships comedian Nicole Burch has been in. The one who has not grown up yet, Mr. Right who was not right until it was too late, and the one who broke your heart, even the one you thought was finally the one, every male and female in the audience can relate to either being that one or dating that one. Each story is set up by Nicole herself and acted out by a set of characters portraying the various places Nicole has been and the various guys that she has dated. While some of the experiences may have hurt at the time, the audience can laugh along with Nicole as she relives and relates what she learned through each of her dating experiences. In the end, the heartfelt lesson is a common lesson every person should already know – Sometimes you just have to be by yourself. Through her story and her comedy, the audience will see that sometimes it’s okay not to grow up but it’s always important to know what you want and you don’t have to be with anyone to make you happy as long as you can find happiness in who you are.

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