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comedy · outside entertainment · Ages 17+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States of America

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STEVE ZIOLKOWSKI certified reviewer June 04, 2016
First and foremost, it's entertaining. The jokes are good, and the performance by the cast is awesome. It's also a really deep look at the current racial and gender climate in the US, so the play walks a fine line- How do you talk about the perils and pitfalls of being a woman, being black and being gay and make it funny and engaging? Katrina Joli did it, and it's called Labitity.... full review
CELINE NYANGA June 10, 2016
A moving, entertaining show that brilliantly brings to life sensitive issues and engages the audience to reflect on our society.... full review
MONICA GOZALBO June 11, 2016
Moving, entertaining and engaging. A must see!... full review
DAWN ALDEN certified reviewer June 13, 2016
tagged as: funny · deep · political · moving · personal · diverse · comedy · lesbian love
SEE THIS SHOW! It's a terrific, personal, raw, funny and touching investigation of the labels people use to divide ourselves from others. Katrina is incredibly engaging, and she keeps you laughing while she shows you her wounds. This is important, political work, but it in no way feels ponderous. ... full review
AARON MENDELSON certified reviewer June 26, 2016
Besides being funny, zany, irreverent, and entertaining, Labitity has an important message articulately expressed without being didactic. Here is a brave, funny, honest, kind woman sharing some life experiences and the wisdom she acquired in the process about how we limit ourselves by labeling ourselves and others with identity cages (my word). I wouldn't be surprised if this show starts a movement, or at least peaceful protest and discussion about the blurry boundary between normalcy and fringe. Label boxes and Identity cages, beware!... full review
KATY ERIN certified reviewer June 20, 2016
tagged as: hilarious · real · social commentary
Amazing show! Powerful and relateable subject matter that makes you laugh out loud - at the world around you and at yourself. ... full review
GABRIELA ORTEGA certified reviewer June 16, 2016
tagged as: hilarious · Raw · honest
DISCOVER HOLLYWOOD certified reviewer June 17, 2016
Entertaining to the max. Wry humor. Fast moving. Kudos to the ensemble who each played a variety of roles. Strong and gutsy performances from everyone. Excellent direction. ... full review
JACKI GRAHAM certified reviewer June 18, 2016
Fantastic. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2016
The writing was great, and the acting was on point. Loved it. So much to talk about afterwards too.... full review

A BIT MUCH: A Solo Comedy

A LOL funny, insightful journey that illustrates how women can comfortably step into their own brand of strength and femininity without compromise. Spoiler alert: it's harder than it looks, but not impossible. June 8, 16, 27 at the Lounge Theatre.


HOLLYWOODN'T is Lisa Verlo's solo show and personal journey across Hollywood's unsettling sexual landscape. Directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson, it is a musical memoir recounting Lisa’s experiences on the casting couches of LA.