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solo performance · dancing the dream productions · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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“Timeless” is a solo interpretation when ‘time’ is the sole theme in sonnets, prose, poetic verse and quotes from great writers around the world and from the ancient past to our time.

This collection was handpicked and grew from my deep love of reading Classical poetry from Greek poets and writers, like Sappho and Sophocles, and of course the works of Shakespeare, but I didn’t want to stop there. I also discovered moving pieces from the African continent, Armenia, Russia, South America, Ireland and other worlds, some known and some not-well-known, as well as my favorite American writers. Each piece is chosen, not only because of its visceral effect on me, but because I am dying to share them with you, YOU, the audience before the sands of time run out of your own hourglass.

Time has always fascinated me, especially how nature and all living things are ruled by Time. My very first curiosity with Time was as a child living in the Haitian countryside of Gonaive and Les Caye, to watch the magic of a seed come to life from the ground. Every morning at dawn, I could not wait to get out of bed to walk behind our country home to see the growth of what I planted the day before.

“Time is infinite, time is magical, time is everything and yet a nothingness.”

In grad school at Harvard University, studying abroad at the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia, I played “Time” in a theater production. I was rapturously engaged in understanding the control and power that “Time” had on everything in the world of the play, as in real life. To prepare for this role, I visited several museums, including the Pushkin Museums in Moscow and St Petersburg’s l’Ermitage. It was there I spotted the motif that helped me to become Time: a collection of antique Hourglasses.

" Carpe Diem and the respect of Time ."

Poets and writers from antiquity to now have been fixated and enamored with Time—they have written about it in sonnets, verse and prose as one of the most essential aspects of life. It is their fascination with time and my own experience in defining and becoming “Time” that has fueled my desire to share this experience with you!

Conceived and performed by Vanzu Khonsu, also known as, Jovan Rameau.

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production team

pamela huff *
jovan rameau *

* Fringe Veteran