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Nine Dresses: Sex, Death, Fashion

cabaret & variety · brenda varda · Ages 15+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 24, 2016

What I liked

Brilliant writer, performer, singer, songwriter Brenda Varda uses all of her talents to make a statement or two about humans and their relationship to fashion. I loved the original songs and the added texture and nuance bass player Nick Morabito provided. Excellently directed, this piece is a jam packed 57 minute tour de force. Brenda’s easy breezy delivery style deceptively makes it look all too easy, but this piece is a lot of work with onstage costume changes, character changes, personal stories and song after very catchy song. She also plays piano and doesn’t even seem to break a sweat despite this summer’s heat wave.

What I didn't like

it all worked for me! But one of the dresses the character complained was a bad purchase I disagreed with as all of the dresses looked fabulous on Brenda.

My overall impression

This show is ready for touring or off-broadway or its own TV special. “Nine Dresses” is all that is wonderful about the Fringe. I feel so lucky to have seen the first run of what is sure to be a very successful show.

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