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theatre · willow's edge productions with kaleidoscope theatre ensemble · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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JOE LUIS CEDILLO June 24, 2011
Summer Sinclair's performance shows off her performance skills (acting, singing, even gymnastic-style choreography) in this multi-media, one woman show about her transcending her inner turmoil due to her conflicted relationship between her and her parents/family. I really responded to her physical, stylized storytelling--often in moments of dance and the forensics presentation of characterizing other family members, and to the father-daughter moments. Great soundtrack that scored moments of the performance like that inner video all of us lived in our heads during various eras in our own lives. I love the ambition and heart of the story as it flirts with humanism and spirituality as the performer struggles to deal with life, love, and how ... full review
BUZZ ORR June 23, 2011
BORN AGAIN BOHEMIAN IS A RHAPSODY Located in the lovely Open Fist theater on Santa Monica Blvd., Summer Rain stars in her auto-biographical one woman show, "Born Again Bohemian," one hippy chick's psycho-spiritual journey spieled out through music dance and spoken word. Ms. Sinclair walks us from a conflicted childhood as a love child to Hollywood's most elligible bastardette. Shunned by a deadbeat druggie dad and smothered by a Pentecostal Christian single mater, Summer goes on a godquest through hobbies, higher education and chemical experimentation. A video projector augments the narrative with family photos and vacation snaps. Her story seems honest and compelling, swinging on the pendulum of parental extremes. Like many Fringe pi... full review
JAMES GLEASON certified reviewer June 14, 2011
Summer “Rain” Sinclair, yes that is her real name, enters the stage playing the tambourine and singing a song she has written. Summer Rain grew up as a hippie flower child into a family where parental extremes were the order of the day. If things weren’t bad enough, her mother becomes a born again Jesus freak and her father abandons the family. “This poor girl”. That is why it is so much fun to watch Summer Rain tell her story to us, there is not a moment of, “Oh poor me, just joy and the love of life”. Summer is a lovely actress, dancer and uses her movement to wonderful effect through the play. She also has mastered the characters she is playing and clearly show us them in a distinctive yet fun acting style. Her director Debra De Liso did ... full review

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