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The Crooked Rooks

comedy · axial entertainment · Ages 15+ · United States

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Rock , Paper, Lonliness is smart and absurd, edgy and full of heart, and - most importantly - very funny. It contains both a through story and sketches which allows the four performers to display different characters and styles of comedy with each new scene and they all are enjoyable to watch. Normally in a sketch show, one can expect a few dud scenes that don't play out to their full potential, but that isn't the case here. The comedy ramps up nicely and scenes deliver every time. From butterfly thoughts to blimp theft, The Crooked Rooks deliver. ... full review
MARCUS KAYE la theatre review June 15, 2011
Returning after the success of their first show, Wet Cookies, at last year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, comedians Drew Hunter, Mallie McCown, Mike McNeal & Adam Sass are back, under the newly minted troupe name “The Crooked Rooks,” in the hilariously absurd comedy show: Rock, Paper Loneliness. The structural ingenuity of the show breaks up a long sketch about plotting the perfect proposal with a series of smaller sketches. The result is watching the love child of a Friends-esque sitcom and a Saturday Night Live style sketch show. Hunter, McCown, McNeal & Sass employ a variety of characters, fully committing to, and realizing each one. From Sass’s Russian butcher to McNeal’s overzealous game show host; from Hunter’s friendly kidnapper, ... full review

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