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ensemble theatre · msm · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by anonymous

June 18, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Matthew Scott Montgomery is an engaging actor and there’s some clever dialogue.

What I didn't like

Other than the major sight line issue, I think the script can be strengthened with more variety of notes for the Carter character. For a long time he seemed angry at the one person who has helped him—he comes across as unlikable until near the very end—we need to start caring about him sooner. The premise is a brave undertaking but there are some logic issues that need to be worked out.

My overall impression

Congratulations on a sold out audience…BUT I got a seat on the side (that didn’t have risers). The center section was on risers so there was no way to see actors over the center risers with bodies in chairs when the actors where sitting. Big chunks of the play was staged on the floor and I couldn’t see either actor. Very frustrating. With contortions I could sometimes see part of one seated actor. But audience shouldn’t have to contort and we deserve to see both characters. Give everyone risers or sell fewer tickets and don’t put seats on the sides that are behind others. Not fair to make the effort to get out and see a show—but then not be able to see the show. (And I’m not a short person—feel even more sorry for anyone in my situation who was). From what I could tell about the play when characters were standing—one character was inexplicably angry and unlikable for way too long. I enjoyed the other character more and I salute the actor-writer playing the part, but from where I was sitting, the staging didn’t take into account sight lines, which is also part of the job.

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