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Martha Washington Killed A Redcoat

comedy · vanilla quesadilla · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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JESSE FIENE uncertified reviewer June 13, 2017
Go see it. Fantastic funny show. You will be laughing the whole time. Thank you cast and crew for putting on a splendid production. ... full review
MINDY PFEIFFER certified reviewer June 02, 2017
Very witty, with some laugh out loud moments, all the actors were great and the show was just a lot of fun!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2017
tagged as: clever · fast paced · Lots of fun
I loved the show. I laughed the whole way through. Cleverly written and well acted. ... full review
NICK RUBANDO uncertified reviewer June 03, 2017
tagged as: historical · funny · amazing · lol
As expressed to me after the show, "History, Death, Feminism, and Funny, what more could you ask for?!?" I could not agree more. This tongue- and- cheek, historical satire, just feels good in today's political climate. Much of that comes from the wonderful writing & acting of Corinne Mestemacher, writer, producer, and Martha Jefferson of the piece. Megan Barker (Deb), Jaime Lucas (Sam Adams), and Laura Lee Walsh (Dolley), all deliver laugh out loud performances, and of course, I would be amiss if I did not mention the name sake of the performance Katie Stevens, Martha Washington, who had me believing, "maybe our first Fist Lady really did kill a guy...?" The show is directed by Matt Ritchey, and if you don't already know by now, everythin... full review
SAUNDRA CURRY certified reviewer June 11, 2017
Great writer and performances. The venue was great as well. It allowed you to feel as if you were on stage with them. Awesomeness!... full review
STEVE NEVIL certified reviewer June 13, 2017
An inspired piece which turns history on its head. The multi-talented Matt Ritchey takes the directorial reigns on this wacked-out comedy which comes in at a tight 40 minutes. HIs actors are wonderful but the group of comediennes led by the dazzling actress-writer Corinne Mestemacher prove that historical girl power is not just the province of Hamilton's Schylur sisters!... full review
BRANDO CUTTS uncertified reviewer June 13, 2017
tagged as: funny · witty · Feminist
Swift and witty, it was like an on-point episode of "The Golden Girls" if they were the founding mothers and much younger, of course. "Martha Washington..." is't just a staged sitcom, though; it also opens the discussion of how women are treated by men and other women both in history and in our modern relationships.... full review
ASHLEY UNDERCUFFLER uncertified reviewer June 18, 2017
Very well written show. There is never a dull moment! ... full review
MARSHELLE GIGGLES-MILLS uncertified reviewer June 18, 2017
"Martha Washington" is everything you expect in a farce- it's fast paced, high energy, fun and Funny! Go! ... full review
LAURA WILEY uncertified reviewer June 19, 2017
HILARIOUS!!! I was laughing from start to finish! A brilliant piece from comedienne Corinne Mestemacher, executed splendidly by her fabulous cast. I especially liked that the story centered on strong women, while using comedy as the medium. Would see over and over again for sure. So many physical gags and quick quips, it's sure to entertain even the tougher critics. VIVA LA REVOLUCION AND GO SEE THIS SHOW! ... full review

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