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Chemo Barbie: My Lady Bits' Journey Through Breast Cancer.

solo performance · heather keller, keep abreast with heather · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 06, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Heather Keller is excellent — acting, writing, seeing humor in the tragedy of cancer. In a one-person show, she skillfully described a dozen people through character traits, infused the narrative with an emotional range, and moved the story on a sweeping path of her real-life experience that allowed for the audience’s empathic immersion — all in one hour that felt like fifteen minutes. Most interesting and effective was the interface with her dramatic interpretation of her experience with cancer treatment and the actual videos of that experience — the dancing doctor, the “apple-cheeked” husband — which took this viewer into laughter, tears, fear, surprise, anger, love, and laughter again.

What I didn't like

Nothing to do with the show. The restrooms are down the street and there’s no late seating, so go and go early.

My overall impression

What do you do when you’re diagnosed with cancer? Put on a play. Heather Keller shines in this one-woman performance, taking the audience on a one-hour ride that deftly weighs endless treatments against dancing doctors, fierce friendships, and one guy who can’t and won’t comprehend her real-life dilemma. Brilliantly timed with actual video of her experiences, the play pulls you into her drama only to push out your last breath in laughter, Keller’s writing and nuanced performance deliver empathy and comic relief, leaving the audience wanting more. Thank you Heather Keller.

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