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comedy · dylan wallace presents in association with fierce backbone · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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Review by MARK SMITH

June 05, 2017

What I liked

Masc4masc was a perfect example of what an audience should hope for at Fringe! This show really goes far, doesn’t play it safe and the story takes the audience somewhere you don’t see it going. All the actors were extremely committed to such a crazy idea for a stage play.What I liked about this play is that everyone can enjoy it, although it focuses on the subject on gays dating life. Everyone can laugh at the wild imagination that the writer and director bring to the stage.

What I didn't like

I’m not one to nit pic and find little things wrong with shows. Overall, I enjoyed it and would say that audiences will be able to enjoy the twisted humor in the play. This show does take an audience into a world that some may not be familiar with—- but that’s what theater is all about! Boring people may have trouble watching it. But that’s what you got community theater for.

My overall impression

With all the twisted and sexual humor, the crazy characters— the show also brings a great message that gays, straits, and people swinging both ways can relate to.The best way to present a strong message to a comedy of this style is to not try so hard and get to the point quick… and Masc4masc does that. Its funny, direct and doesn’t try so hard to reach a resolution.

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