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Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's

comedy · independent · world premiere · United States of America

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ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 09, 2017
tagged as: talented cast · pizza · U2 · Godot
This was my first show of the fringe this year, and it was the perfect way to start the festival. Insofar as U2, I know nothing but a couple'a songs and the fact that Bono was hit while bicycling... but it mattered not. Loved the characters and the concept, and the evening. At times, Richard actually looks like Bono... he sounds great (he plays music, too), and I gotta say... I got a kick out of Bruno Oliver. Go/dot!... full review
TODD PICKERING certified reviewer June 11, 2017
What a great idea. Are you a fan of will love this! Are you a fan of WAITING FOR GODOT? Unless you are a Godot Fan Geek (does this even exist) then you will love it! Scared that you don't know U2 well enough....don't be! This is satire on Fame and The Edge and Bono are so funny, so tight, comic timing just spot on that you could have NO IDEA who these two men are and still enjoy about 90% of the jokes. Never seen GODOT? Shame on you. Then you will get a very clear idea of what this play is about with the characters of Domingo and Lucky. Domingo talks and talks and talks. Listening to his voice control, command of the stage and comic timing is delight and you could watch him the whole time only and be pleased. Lucky who has almost ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2017
tagged as: BwahahaEnding!
Brilliant idea, deftly expressed with great staging and acting. A snazzy update of a dusty classic.... full review
ERIN JO HARRIS certified reviewer June 12, 2017
tagged as: trippy · irreverent · satire · musical
Never realized how bad U2s lyrics were until now. Thanks?... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2017
Very clever take on the classic, and on the characters of Bono and The Edge. Witty, pointed humor of the best class.... full review
JIM HANNA certified reviewer June 14, 2017
One of my favorites of the Fringe so far. I'm not too well steeped in the intricacies of "Waiting for Godot" (nor U2 for that matter) but when the writing is so silly/smart and the performances are so outstanding, it really doesn't matter. This is a brisk, hilarious, thoughtful production you should definitely add to your "must-see" list.... full review
ZACHARY BERNSTEIN fringe review: certified reviewer June 14, 2017
FringeReview: full review
JENNIE FAHN certified reviewer June 17, 2017
A brilliant send up of Beckett's play done with top-notch comic flair and rock star lampoon. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to injure the people sitting in front of me. And the appearance of the "other characters" in the play rose the play to even greater heights. Absolutely top notch! ... full review
ZOMBIE NOTUSER certified reviewer June 16, 2017
"Even better than the real thing." ... full review
MINDY PFEIFFER certified reviewer June 17, 2017
I love the play Waiting for Godot, and this was a hilarious parody of that play! The cast had the audience cracking up throughout the performance, and the acting was spot on! This is a must see, one of the best of the fringe!... full review