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Reasons To Be Pretty

ensemble theatre · actors task force · United States of America

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June 13, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The play is superbly performed by this young and diverse cast in an elegant minimalist style. The actors seemed to explore their characters with a real sense of honesty that was both endearing and captivating. The male lead Greg’s (Roger Wan) character arc as well as his vastlly different interpersonal relationships with the other characters seems to really reflect real-world relationships, while the supporting Kent (Sam Swaynos) provides a consistent levity and some seriously funny moments. The female characters are also both strong and complex, and played by immensely talented actresses who each bring very real emotions to the stage. Steph played by up-and-comer Kimber Pritts really seems to connect with her role, and provides some truely fiery scenes, cutting dialogue, as well as a touching and heart-wrenching moment at the end, while the character of Carley is owned by the sassy and fierce Veronica Roy. Overall a real slice-of-life performance that really connects with audience through those feeling we have all experienced. Not to be missed!

What I didn't like

My overall impression

Highly impressed and entertained by this talented young cast. Would definitely recommend!

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