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Herpes: A Love Story

solo performance · n/a · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States of America

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SANEYA BAIR certified reviewer June 24, 2017
tagged as: hilarious · honest · Brave · touching · fun
I loved it! It was funny, creative, informative, brave, personal and relatable. Seeing the show felt like an intimate gift. (which, yes, I realize sounds like a set up for a herpes joke).... full review
PAUL YEN certified reviewer June 24, 2017
Was how BRAVE and GUTSY this show was. Being able to stand up on that stage and share your sexual history, as a woman, is to be commended at every level... but then Cherise takes it to a whole new level when she lays it all out and takes us on a road trip of powdery white snow... not the good kind of snow... but the great kind of immersive storytelling that leaves you appreciating the good people in your life (Axel) and learning from the people who aren't so good in your life (Amoeba Jesus). Through all of that, Cherise maintained her ability to be funny, heartbreaking, and a hell of a singer -- it was an hour of raunchy, real, required watching... that left me wet, literally.... full review
RUTH ISABEL GUERRA dinner party (blog) certified reviewer June 12, 2017
Truthfully, I had no idea what I would be walking into when I first entered the theatre. And boy, was I in for an exciting surprise! Cherise is able to walk that fine line between laugh-out-loud comedy and deep sentiment. She is bold in her words. She is audacious in her actions. WORTH EVERY DROP OF LISTERINE (and I wasn't wearing a poncho).... full review