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Herpes: A Love Story

solo performance · n/a · Ages 17+ · one person show · United States of America

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June 14, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

One person shows can often feel like a tortured self-important slog. Not so here, despite the serious subjects (infection, addiction, and depression to name just a few) that contribute to the quilt that is this show.

It is a very personal story that is being told, but rather than being told how personal it is, we are shown, over and over again, by being invited deeper and deeper into it’s confines.

Touching and hilarious by turns, I have never been so comfortable laughing at a cokie-monster.

What I didn't like

I know this will be controversial, but for me the poncho/supersoaker element didn’t add anything. VERY SUBJECTIVE as I’m sure some love it, but whereas some of the other connected moments worked well (the giant q-tip and headlamp come to mind) this is the one thing I wouldn’t mind losing.

My overall impression

This is a story that should be told, and heard, and the production is so inviting it makes it easy to come on in.

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