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"Lovesick" The misadventures of a love-crazed maniac.

solo performance · n/a · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States of America

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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 19, 2017
A rare glimpse at vulnerability through comedy and a cat, Gabriella tells a fascinating story of companionship and how everyone deals with it in different ways, and that there is no one right way, even if it's a less-than-common way.... full review
CHRIS VALENTI certified reviewer June 20, 2017
Brave story telling. Very heartfelt and difficult - exactly what intimate theater should be. Definitely worth seeing!... full review
DUFFLYN LAMMERS uncertified reviewer June 22, 2017
Gabriella brings her formidable comedic talents to bear in examining some difficult subject matter and manages to make it all hilarious. And she really has a clear grasp of her subject matter-- nothing is worse than a solo show where someone rants about issues they have not yet healed-- but here we get the benefit of Gabriella's experience and all the work she has done to come to terms with her own demons. She is indeed a survivor, and more than that, now a woman of substance and power. Bravo Gabriella! ... full review
KASIA ANDERSON certified reviewer June 21, 2017
On the technical side, "Lovesick" is a very well-constructed production, from the writing to the directing to the acting. The transitions between different scenes and characters are fluid, the multimedia works to add humor, depth, a sense of place and interest to the story, and the story itself functions well on a number of different levels. At its heart, "Lovesick" is sincere, clever and profound, alternating nimbly between lighter and more challenging material. Compelling and moving through and through.... full review
DEBORAH BROSSEAU uncertified reviewer June 21, 2017
What I've come to expect from Gabby as a fan of her standup work is a brash and fearless discussion of her life filtered through a ballsy, sometimes goofy-sometimes dark, sense of humor. What I experienced with "Lovesick" is vulnerable but proud woman who can use storytelling to connect so deeply with a diverse audience. And doing it fluidly through like, two dozen characters both human and feline. ... full review
LYNNA YEE uncertified reviewer June 22, 2017
tagged as: vulnerable · Truthful · sincere · Love · cats
Hilarious, honest, well-executed.... full review
CHRISTINA EVANS certified reviewer June 24, 2017
tagged as: comedian · personal · deep · fun
A journey through Gabriella's wild and wondrous life and her need/addiction/mission for love. Her comedy incorporates it all - the personal, the outrageous, the 'what was I thinking' and the heart wrenching. Entertaining, engaging and unique. ... full review