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Jack the Rippers Mistress

ensemble theatre · cynthia asmar · world premiere · United States of America

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June 03, 2017

What I liked

Everybody knows , I am secretly a Vampire ����� so I absolutely loved “Jack The Rippers Mistress”!! This should be at the top of your go sees for Fringe. The Directing and script was amazing. I would love to see a little more character development but overall I was very pleased!! ��� looking forward to more from Cynthia’s work.

What I didn't like

I honestly though the leading lady could’ve been a little more passionate and look a little more like a mistress. She was ok for me, not that she’s a bad actress but maybe a little more studying !! But it was the first night, so I know the pressure was on but we will give ole girl another chance before we write her off and what was up the pink hair🤔 !!

My overall impression

I mean it was great I laughed a lot, and would love to see this in movie form.

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