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Finally, Some Privacy

solo performance · aimee levey · Ages 15+ · world premiere · Ireland

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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 06, 2017
tagged as: Excellent!
The best solo show I caught so far.... full review
JESSICA JILL TURNER certified reviewer June 20, 2017
This is one of the best shows I've seen in the Fringe. Excellent writing, excellent performance. I loved it. It reminded me of The Fever by Wallace Shawn - that's how both literary and theatrical the text is. Deftly examining the bizarre dichotomies of modern life such as loneliness in a crowded city, alienation within the forced intimacy of small living spaces and yearning to connect while desperately seeking solitude. I want to see it again. ... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 09, 2017
Creepy, eerie, and quite fascinating.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 12, 2017
It's a pleasure to catch a play in town from Ireland. It gives fringe an international flavor.... full review
PHIL WARD June 18, 2017
Delightfully dark and original. She nails the "reasonable psycho" persona. Very entertaining.... full review
XZAVIER DARYL BRISTOL certified reviewer June 21, 2017
tagged as: Interesting show.
This show had potential. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 09, 2017
Danger, alienation, and the Impossibility of It All are treated in a casual and leisurely manner. It's offhanded - and that didn't seem to fit the material. For all the stewing of juices that boil over for the character (mostly not shared during the play), the stakes lack any sense of gravity or despair or real concern. It's rather like, 'Damn, I missed the bus.' It's prefaced as a work in progress at top of show by the Performer. This undercuts the work, as previously mentioned elsewhere. House Manager or someone else could do this instead, if necessary. With such an outrageous setting for a piece, I want everything to encourage the suspension of my disbelief. ... full review

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