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Pain In My Asperger's

solo performance · ebenstein productions · Ages 16+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 05, 2017
The solo shows bring me into another person's life and hopefully empathy.... full review
MARCUS J FREED certified reviewer June 09, 2017
Beautiful warmth from Jeremy Eberstein who can make you laugh, cry, feel deeply and takes you on an eye-opening journey. He has a lovely vocal range and deep tonality in singing, and a deftness of touch that takes you lightly through a serious topic and a heartfelt approach that makes this a must-see! Aspergers is a very present challenge for some, yet Jeremy helps to break down barriers, welcome you in and see the world in an entirely new way. Recommended. ... full review
SHELLY WILNER certified reviewer July 12, 2018
tagged as: neurodiversity · vulnerable · music · funny
"Pain in My Asperger's" gives a generous glimpse into the experience of living with Asperger's, and reminds audiences of how understanding neurodiversity is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Jeremy Ebenstein's honesty and vulnerability, delivered with authenticity, humor and music, was wonderful and heartwarming. Huge acknowledgement for his courage and beautiful zest for life. ... full review
KATT BALSAN June 28, 2018
tagged as: comedy · music · Amazing!
The minute Jeremy stepped on stage I knew I was in for a good ride! Jeremy has perfect comedic timing and all his characters were accurate and funny and seemed effortless! Jeremy really took me in his world, I always knew where he was, what he was doing, how he felt! That's the greatness of story telling! I embarked on this journey with a lot of admiration! I was also very impressed with Jeremy's music! I wasn't expecting him to sing in his show so it was a great surprise!!! Congratulations Jeremy! You were fantastic!!!!!!... full review
MEGAN FRANCES June 22, 2018
tagged as: funny · endearing
A great little insight into one person's struggle with Asperger's. While the play certainly lends itself to lots of laughter, there are also moments that kick you in the heart, and this makes for a well-rounded show. Jeremy has a great voice and his original songs scattered throughout were a nice addition. I especially liked the song about dating apps. Defiinitely recommend checking this one out!... full review
KIRA STEIN MD June 21, 2018
I had the pleasure of seeing this one-man musical play with my 16 year-old-daughter last night. It was exceptionally performed by actor Jeremy Ebenstein, who no only seamlessly taps into his own Asperger* traits while portraying himself during different phases of life, but also quickly transforms into other completely believable characters that richly illustrate challenges experienced as a male on the spectrum. Highly recommended for high school students, educators, healthcare providers, and human beings in general.... full review
ROM WATSON certified reviewer June 21, 2018
tagged as: funny
An interesting life story, told with a lot of humor.... full review
ELIZABETH ALAN certified reviewer June 19, 2018
tagged as: open · honest · vulnerable · inspiring · Aspergers
Jeremy brings such an astounding amount of honesty, vulnerability, and talent to this show, so glad I was able to catch it this year! ... full review
DANIEL FAIGIN certified reviewer June 17, 2018
However, overall, the ultimate story told by Ebenstein was good. It captured well the difficulties for someone on the spectrum to achieve in the dramatic field. The stories of him in school, and his attempts at forming relationships, were quite good. Luckily, Ebenstein found his music — music is a wonderful too to help people get through so much. His rendition of “Over The Rainbow” during the show was astounding; his other songs were good, although a bit less memorable. See the full writeup at full review
BAILA ROMM certified reviewer June 11, 2017
tagged as: storyteller · Love · lonliness · Courage · Strength
Jeremy's story is one that needs to be told and everyone needs to hear. There are so many people who are on the Spectrum and they are often misunderstood or dismissed all together by neuro-typical people. Everyone is different yet we are all the same inside our hearts. Great singing voice, good stage presence and excellent storytelling. Glad I went to see this show. Jeremy's message will have a resounding effect for a lifetime. A must see.... full review

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