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Maddy's Famous Friends

immersive theatre · r & r productions and maddy's musical · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 15, 2017 99% magazine/freelance original article

What I liked

Fruit punch, projectiles and slime.

Even at the risk of giving too much away, anyone attending this show might be clued in immediately upon seeing a stage covered in plastic. And by design—at least during this show—nothing wet traveled passed the stage that wasn’t governed or desired.

Largely unscripted, Legends of the Hidden Three Clubs (LOTHTC) hosts a competition between three, two person teams representing their various Hollywood Fringe Festival shows—many of them currently at Three Clubs: Robby Devillez and Twon Pope as Team Herb of “Mary’s Medicine,” Complex Theater, Schoen Hodges of “Shakeslesque (To Thine Own Cherry be True)” and Reagan Osborne (“Psychosical, An Asylum Cabaret”) together as Team Cherry Poppins Productions, and Kristen Boulé and Juan Lozano, also of “Psychosical,” as Team 2Cents Theatre group.

The not-so-high stakes is a predetermined prize of … absolutely no relevance what-so-ever.

Host producers and veterans of Maddy’s Musical Nick Rubando (Le Phantom) as Master of Ceremonies and David Ruben as Cheedo fit the aptly named cabaret-style variety game show snugly into the Three Clubs play space and cabaret bar. An improv theme at the center features Hollywood Fringe veteran Max Lichtig (“Broadway Noir”) and Kate Bowman (“Psychosical”) as Myth Players guided by random props, costumes, and suggestions from other participants. The two and the Teams bring all that is random and silly fun into the mix.

Guest performers like Kim Dalton of “Buffy Kills Edward: A Musical Romp” and member of Cherry Poppins productions lent her powerful vocals in extemporaneous song.

Dressed in tiki party couture, Kelly Stevenson and Alli Miller of Cherry Poppins, provided the enticing “backdrop” as Americana party kitsch and game show hostesses.

What I didn't like

My overall impression

There are many pluses to this cabaret show and the majority stems from the assembled talent, the relaxed atmosphere inherent in the Three Clubs, and a fashioned production that would never take itself so seriously as to ruin the cocktail-fueled fun. (Think lively backyard party, sans red cups.)

The show is free but, as Le Phantom would remind, is sponsored by “alcohol.” As Fringe endorses Neuro power drinks, be sure to get your respective drink on.

In the end the Team Prize win is laughter, a good time, and a return for a show, so be sure to respond accordingly.

LOTHTC at Three Clubs is 11p.m. Saturday June 17 and Thursday June 22. And if the mirror ball is out, you’ll know the drill after.

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