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Maddy's Famous Friends

immersive theatre · r & r productions and maddy's musical · Ages 21+ · world premiere · United States of America

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BRIAN RAAB certified reviewer June 04, 2017
So much fun! Le Phantom and Cheedo are an amazing duo!... full review
KATIE CONRAD uncertified reviewer June 04, 2017
Best kind of drunken madness. Choose your own musical adventure with contestants who have little to no idea what kind of craziness they just signed up for and compete in weird contests in between songs. Vaguely references a 90's kids cable show. Honestly the best part of this was how far off the rails it would go. Le Phantom and Cheedo know how to improvise their way through some chaos and it's delightful. Plus it's at Three Clubs, so get a fancy drink and hang out in the rad back room.... full review
CORINNE MESTEMACHER uncertified reviewer June 04, 2017
tagged as: fun!! · humorous · spontaneous · exciting
This is a super fun and immersive show. Le Phantom and Cheedo have an undeniable chemistry and presence on stage. They have created a show that will absolutely be the most fun you have at Fringe this year! If you want to relive your memories of the 90s or create new memories this is definitely the show for you!... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 05, 2017
If you're familiar with Maddie & Friends, you know what you're getting yourself into--and you won't be disappointed. For those that don't, it's fun. Come drunk.... full review
JESSICA JILL TURNER certified reviewer June 08, 2017
tagged as: hilarious · interactive
This show is a super fun time. It's funny, it's theatrical, it's loud, interactive and one of the best times I've had at the Fringe so far. If you want a fun show, THIS IS IT! ... full review
ZACHARY JOHNSON-DUNLOP uncertified reviewer June 11, 2017
This show is barely managed insanity. And I mean that in the best way possible. Phantom and Cheedo lead a group of contestants from other fringe shows on a nickolodeon-esque journey following the wacky tongue in cheek adventures of the main players. Not afraid to call out the insanity they have wrought for what it is, the hosts engage the audience with almost as much frequency as the players and will leave you laughing your ass off.... full review
CASSANDRA AMBE certified reviewer June 13, 2017
tagged as: Lively · improv · Game Show · drinking · bar · variety · hilarious
This is where you want to be after a nice long day of seeing shows! It was a lot of fun and the environment was lively! The drinks don't hurt either!... full review
MONIQUE LEBLEU 99% magazine/freelance certified reviewer June 15, 2017
There are many pluses to this cabaret show and the majority stems from the assembled talent, the relaxed atmosphere inherent in the Three Clubs, and a fashioned production that would never take itself so seriously as to ruin the cocktail-fueled fun. (Think lively backyard party, sans red cups.) The show is free but, as Le Phantom would remind, is sponsored by “alcohol.” As Fringe endorses Neuro power drinks, be sure to get your respective drink on. In the end the Team Prize win is laughter, a good time, and a return for a show, so be sure to respond accordingly. LOTHTC at Three Clubs is 11p.m. Saturday June 17 and Thursday June 22. And if the mirror ball is out, you'll know the drill after.... full review
MATTHEW ROBINSON certified reviewer June 19, 2017
A goofy and fun show to let off some steam to after a long day of Fringe. These folks know how to have fun and it's always a joy to be a part of their audience.... full review