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Loves Adventures

comedy · broads' word ensemble · United States of America

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June 11, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

A few moments and one or two really good performances.

What I didn't like

Design, for one.

My overall impression

There is some really good material in LOVES ADVENTURES. The script is solid, Esther Mira and Faith Kearns in particular did a good job with the language and archetypal characters. But the choice of an 80’s theme was muddy and made no sense to me – I’m not a proponent of needing classics to stay in period, but nothing felt “80’s” about it except for the clothes and the music choices. This resulted in a “relaxed” and sometimes sloppy “modern” feel to the work, though the language demanded diction and heightened style. I understand that this was intended to have some connection to “the evolution of social attitudes” but it fell flat for me. But some good fight work, familiar and welcome tropes, and some good performances at play.

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