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American Conspiracy

ensemble theatre · cyanide theatre · world premiere · United States of America

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June 10, 2018

What I liked

Schiller is a star. Garver’s got charisma for days.

What I didn't like

I’d like to see this fleshed out into a full-length play—or a film. give me more Schiller. let me see more of the family at the center. some fallout after that ending. basically I want more. well done all.

My overall impression

A funny and sad look at a moment in American history in the vein of dramas like “Bobby” or “Parkland”, with a steady climb towards its climax. Schwartz builds his tension steadily and purposefully. Ritchey’s staging and direction is succinct and keeps things to the point—so when the climax hits you, it feels like a brick.

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"A Powerful One-Man Show" "Cox takes on different personalities, channeling sorrow, outrage or compassion with stirring conviction" Sun, June 09 - Sun, Jun 23 Friday and Saturdays @ 8:30 pm Sundays@ 4:30pm Tickets:

See Mary Birdsong (Reno 911) as Melania!

“Democracy in shambles? Why not put on a show? That’s the inciting impulse behind Trump Family Special, [a] concatenation of Franklin D Roosevelt’s fireside chats, the Partridge Family’s Christmas albums and the apocalypse.” - The Guardian