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The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

ensemble theatre · self-produced · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 23, 2018

What I liked

Olushoula Grace is breathtaking on stage (as are the other tow ladies in this piece) and she brings a grounded energy to the show which plays nicely off the two other goddesses who have opposing point of views.

Enisha Brewster plays the hard hearted (for lack of a better term) with such grace, love and heartbreak I found myself siding with her character for most of the show (even though as an African American woman she wasn’t really tryna fk with me)

Briana Hunt as Oshun the fun loving, passionate, lovestruck goddess shined as brightly as her beautiful yellow costume. Wonderful stage presence.

I loved watching these three goddesses with fiercely strong point of views play off each other all the while discussing history, current race relations in America and truths of our human existence.

ALSO ALL OF THESE WOMEN PLAY AN AFRICAN AMERICAN COUTNERPART AND IT IS AMAZING TO WATCH THEM SWITCH BETWEEN THE TWO CHARACTERS!!! Beyond accents and changes body language (which are all fire emoji good) seeing the women switch and tell such timely and poignant monologues of mortals we all know and have seen on the news admists playing goddesses many of us aren’t very familiar with highlights just how far we have come/been taken from our roots and has stuck with me and has caused me to think about all that in which I choose to believe.

What I didn't like



maybe stools or blocks for the actors to place their props on so that the changes in silhouettes becomes cleaner

My overall impression


A wonderfully beautiful, brave and poignant piece about the disconnect between African Americans and their African roots. Although, the piece speaks specifically to a particular audience it is enjoyable and touching to audiences of all backgrounds which speaks to the skill and talent of the playwright Camille Jenkins

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